Three Conditions of Transformative Change

Deepening awareness, exploring choices and building confidence are the foundation of lasting transformation and change. They anchor all of our relationships and are the heart of what makes us effective with clients.

As your partner and champion, you will be thinking, feeling, and acting differently in no time. We want every client to realize their potential, and experience the fulfillment of aligning action with authentic purpose.

We help every client see beyond their current situation to align their actions with their authentic purpose.

Coaching is a powerful development experience for a leader and may be supported by assessment insights and 360 stakeholder feedback.

The experience is anchored by a specific development plan with goals and actions co-created by the leader, their Manager and Coach.

The leader is empowered to take responsibility for their development, testing their capacity to grow, expand and accelerate their effectiveness and performance.


We can all become stuck, unmotivated, discouraged and overwhelmed. Everyone deserves a skilled partner to help clarify priorities, and create workable plans.

We will be your partner and advocate. We will listen for to what is said and can hear what’s not spoken. We are skilled at asking powerful questions to look beyond symptoms and reveal root causes and underling issues. We balance courage and compassion in order to accelerate progress.

Brian is a certified leadership and life coach.  He holds the International Coaching Federation’s ACC designation and  has been transforming leaders, teams and organizations for two decades. He had global responsibility for executive coaching and development for the TJX Companies, Fortune 100 based in Boston, MA.

He is passionate about helping others become “unstuck” by aligning actions and behaviours with their authentic purpose both personally and professionally.