We disrupt patterns by educating, enabling, accelerating and advocating.

Clients approach us when they are struggling with performance or engagement issues. We listen and ask powerful questions to diagnose what’s going on before recommending a solution that is made to measure.

We expand awareness of the real issues, explore new choices and work to build the confidence necessary for stakeholders to take decisive action. When these conditions are met our clients think, feel and act differently – moving closer to their ideal state. We won’t organize your company picnic (we’d love to attend) but you can expect honest and real conversations (the tough ones that matter most).

We aren’t afraid of tough conversations. It’s what our clients appreciate most.

We excel at recommending and implementing cost effective, high impact solutions. 

We stand behind our work and aren’t content until the desired results have been achieved. 

We don’t walk away when a project is complete, we become your partner as long as you need until competence and commitment is permanently embedded in the organization. 

think! feel! act!

Helping leaders, teams and organizations optimize employee engagement always leads to better results for all stakeholders (employees, customers & shareholders). When stakeholders succeed, families and communities thrive.


Brian learned early in his career that employees want, can and will perform at higher levels when leaders remove the barriers that stand in their way.

Helping others thrive by aligning their actions to their higher purpose keeps Brian up and night. Like his immigrant grandparents who escaped Russia following the 1917 revolution, he’s not afraid of hard work and appreciates the opportunity to help build strong and diverse communities that work for everyone.

He has over 20 years experience leading human resources and operational functions.  A forward thinking disrupter, he has had organization wide accountability for talent acquisition, training, leadership development, talent management, executive coaching, total rewards, communications, customer service, store operations, health & safety, and HR policy & compliance.