Businesses seek our expertise when faced with challenges such as underperforming operations, low employee engagement, struggling leaders, poor customer retention, or any area needing improvement in operations, human resources, marketing, product/assortment planning, or profitability.

Helping leaders, teams, and organizations optimize employee engagement and company performance leads to better outcomes for employees, customers, and shareholders. When stakeholders thrive, so do their families and communities.

thinking patterns by asking really good questions and challenging the status quo.

and inform by sharing best practices and benchmark data to help the business focus on what matters most and will guarantee success.

progress towards your vision by streamlining systems, and processes and removing unnecessary cost, waste, and duplication.

leadership and associates to take responsibility for implementation and continual review and renewal processes.

We expand awareness of the real issues, explore new choices and work to build the confidence necessary for stakeholders to take decisive action. When these conditions are met our clients think, feel and act differently – achieving goals and moving towards their higher purpose. We won’t organize your company picnic (we’d love to attend) but you can expect honest and real conversations (the tough ones that break through barriers).

We excel at recommending and implementing cost effective, high impact solutions. 

We stand behind our work and aren’t content until the desired results have been achieved. 

We don’t walk away when a project is complete, we become your partner as long as you need until competence and commitment is permanently embedded in the organization


Brian learned early in his career that employees want, can, and will perform at higher levels when leaders remove barriers that stand in their way. Helping others thrive personally and professionally by aligning their strengths and actions to their highest purpose is central to his philosophy “because then it doesn’t feel like work:.”

“I’m direct and don’t shy away from uncomfortable conversations. Choices that once served us well can become obsolete long before we recognize the need to change. .Our greatest breakthroughs happen following a new insight, or as some call them “lightbulb moments..” I live for lightbulb moments especially when they illuminate a new path and lead to greater happiness and congruency.