Made to Measure partners and coaches to support and accelerate the transformation of Leaders, Teams, and Organizations. We take pride in creating flexible solutions tailored to fit.

With broad experience in the service and public sector, Made to Measure collaborates with company stakeholders to evaluate, rebuild, or create human capital programs, processes, and tools. We are only satisfied with measurable and sustainable results that translate into long term competitive advantage.

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Our strength is coaching leaders and teams as well as creating and aligning core programs and processes to drive engagement, productivity, and transformation. Our goal is to deepen awareness, expand choices, and increase self trust so leaders and teams are enabled to think, feel, and act more productively.

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Vision & Culture

Creating A Compelling Vision & Engaging Purpose

Defining Leadership Competencies

Articulating Values & Beliefs to Anchor the Journey

Building the Roadmap for the Future

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Leadership Development

Integrated Learning & Development Solutions

Team Diagnosis, Intervention, & Chartering

Transformational Coaching for Leaders & Teams

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Performance Optimization

Aligning Vision, Objectives, & Key Performance Indicators

Developing Service Models & Support Programs

Designing Recognition & Reward Programs

Performance Management & 360 Feedback Programs

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Workforce Planning

Succession Planning

Hi-Potential Identification

Talent Readiness Assessment

Talent Acquisition

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Transition Management

Onboarding (Internal & External Leaders)

New Hire Orientation

Transition Coaching

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