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High performing teams (Stage 4) are characterized by results that consistently exceed expectations, produce innovative breakthroughs, achieved within an atmosphere of high engagement.

Many teams fail to become high performing, languishing in stages 2 and 3 where productivity and employee engagement are variable at best. Evidence of Stage 2 and 3 teams includes low engagement, unacceptable productivity, dissatisfied customers, employee turnover, finger pointing, bullying, resentment, and an endless array of complaints and grievances.

Inexperienced team leaders can lack the competence and/or commitment to lead their teams from alignment to innovation. Their journey to Stage 4 can be a lengthy process (often years) predicated by significant waste, sacrifice, and casualties that are costly and damaging to customer retention, team engagement, and the organizations reputation.

Made to Measure has a proven formula for working with teams regardless of what stage they are at. We help determine the team’s current development stage and then collaborate with stakeholders to accelerate movement towards the more desirable state of innovation, extraordinary productivity and high engagement. Options range from leading the chartering process to facilitation of team interventions (when trust among team members is low and the risk of team collapse is predictable).

Made to Measure initiatives are targeted to meet the specific needs of the team, its leader and the organization.

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