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To create compelling competitive advantage and build persuasive employment brands, organizations face increased pressure to internally identify, develop and retain key talent.

Building a “leadership culture” requires a systemic and integrated approach that enables Leaders to confidently assess talent (identifying potential and future leaders) and move them through an assured development continuum. A system wide approach, anchored by defined leadership characteristics and values are all part of an integrated framework that can build leader capacity and create shared accountability to ensure the organization’s current and future talent needs are met.

Made to Measure helps organizations build and align HR systems to create a distinctive leadership culture. We are experienced in defining leadership characteristics, leadership curriculum, performance management processes, talent management practices (succession planning, talent pipelines, & development planning), and managing transitions (internal and external on-boarding).

Made to Measure helps organizations identify and respond to priority areas based on current business needs. As external consultants, we can partner directly with human resources departments and/or business leaders to lead the process and develop the organization’s internal skill and capability.

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