Great Resignation

Businesses that have posted a sign “sorry but because of staffing shortages beyond our control we have reduced hours” are in trouble. Telling customers nobody will join your team is a problem that needs strategic focus not a Band-Aid solution. Imported coffee and a gourmet doughnut once a week will never make up for a toxic culture (but go ahead and try).

Some organizations are thriving despite pandemic uncertainty. Great employees are still working – at GREAT companies that appreciate their efforts and provide opportunities for growth.

Every leadership team needs to thoughtfully and strategically build an employee experience that is compelling, unique, and differentiated from the competition. There is no quick fix. A social media post pretending your business is a wonderful place to work (showing attractive, youthful and smiling professionals) won’t attract top talent when people all over town are whispering about the toxic culture.

The employee experience is a key component of company culture and grows organically over time. An employee brand should be an accurate reflection of the employee experience – the brand does not create the experience (unless you are a genie in a bottle). Pretend differently but lipstick on a pig is offensive. Oh, and do not assume your solution requires costly pay increases … employee grumbling about pay is usually a symptom of deeper undiagnosed issues.

Building a compelling culture is like assembling a puzzle – start with the outside frame and keep adding pieces until they fit. You will know it is working when associate retention, engagement and business performance exceed our competition.