Need a confidence booster?
To be confident is to be liberated. It is the golden ticket of work and life.
Confidence is different from competence – it’s not goal or situation specific. It casts a rainbow of hope over every complex situation. When present, confidence encourages leaders to unravel, pivot, and resolve difficult challenges. When absent a loud inner critic takes control and poisons what might be possible.
Confidence develops through a combination of success AND failure. Overcoming and bouncing back are the building blocks of a confident outlook.
To become confident requires that you try. Like Maria von Trapp, fake it till you make it. She pretended to be competent until she was and only then could she make bold and risky choices (somebody else had to pay for that custom marionette setup after she took the risk to order it).
Afraid to try? When was the last time your attempt resulted in mass devastation and an irreversible outcome? Remind yourself of the many challenges you have already overcome when you need a confidence booster.