Team Development: Top Performers

A key responsibility of leaders is to develop a high performing team. Studies show that high performing and engaged employees produce up to 80% more than their peers.

Leaders need to assess their talent in structured ways and develop specific strategies for the team and individuals.

​A critical mistake is the failure to create a culture that nurtures and rewards top performance. I have noticed many leaders spend 80% of their people time on their least productive team members. The low performers are energy vampires which leaves little time and attention for top performers that need feedback and encouragement too.

​If an employee is trying their best, continue working with them but do not lose sight that they need to perform at an acceptable level in a reasonable period. How long are you willing to invest if there is little to no improvement after a concerted effort? Unproductive employees (those that do not achieve their performance goals OR hold back others from achieving theirs) need to be moved off the team. I call this sharing them with the competition.

​Begin by asking “what could be different if I had more running my business”. My guess is a great deal would be different for you as the leader, the team, your organization and most important your customers.