Role of a Leader: Character

Leadership is about character.  Character is a combination of intent (your motives) and your integrity (honesty).  Character is fundamental to building and maintaining trust.  When your character is compromised, trust plummets and can be difficult to regain.

​Your character can be compromised when you acquiesce to please others (who lack integrity or have shady motives) .  It’s particularly challenging when your Manager or other Senior Leaders are the ones you need to please.

​​​Of course, there are some lines that can never be crossed; cheating, lying; fraud, theft, falsifying records, harassment, discrimination, bullying or any crime – just to name a few.  Better to walk away and find another job should this happen.

​​​There are also shades of gray – where your character may clash with others but there are multiple paths forward.

​Regardless of the situation, never compromise your character WITHOUT expressing yourself – or there will be regrets accompanied by that sinking feeling you let yourself down.  You may be unable to influence the outcome, but at least your character is in tact.

​​Be the one that helps others see and experience a better way.  You might even be surprised if others support your position.