Managing Change: Emotions

Leading in covid times will test the change management skills of the most experienced leaders.  Change is never easy and is further complicated because team members process change differently.

​​This past February your team may have been engaged and performing at a high level.  Today the reality is different.  Uncertainty?  Confusion?  Stress?  Anxiety?  Or a tangled mess of many negative emotions?  Many teams and workplaces are experiencing unprecedented turmoil.

​​Leaders need to be listening, acknowledging and responding with the goal to move the team towards ACCEPTANCE and PROBLEM SOLVING.  Acceptance doesn’t mean agreement, nor does it mean additional change can be avoided.  In fact, change will be come the new normal – at least until a vaccine is discovered.

​​Work towards helping team members accept that for the next 12 months things will be less certain. Reassure them them that you will all get through it together.  Encourage ongoing discussion and build new routines that require team members to check in more frequently.  Daily 5-10 minute huddles are a great tool (in-person or virtual).  It will keep the leader informed of new concerns and team members will have an ongoing outlet to express themselves.  The key is frequency and consistency.