Getting Promoted: Do Great Work

I am often asked, “how do I get ahead in the workplace?”

The most important thing is having a reputation for doing great work – the best among your peer group.

There really are no shortcuts to moving up. Some will play the political game by acting differently when the Boss is around. Others will pretend to be agreeable to all ideas presented from above while they privately complain to their colleagues. I have seen some employees get promoted this way – but it is always short lived. They burn out quickly at the next level when their performance is subject to more scrutiny.

The first question decision makers ask when considering candidates for promotion is “How is their performance? Is it consistent or erratic?”.

If your performance is not the best, or inconsistent, you still have more work to do. It does not mean you will never get promoted, but it is a signal that you are not ready. You want to get promoted once you have mastered the basics which opens your capacity to grown into a larger role. Consider getting a mentor or coach until your performance lands you on top.