Dealing With Conflict: Assume Good Intentions

Think of a recent conflict that remains unresolved or ended poorly. Is it possible you might be making false assumptions or fabricating stories that are not true?

​When conflict is present, do not jump to conclusions. Negative assumptions will create a negative story about the other persons intentions. The story will grow and in short time you may find yourself raging on the brink of losing control. Trust me … I have lost control in many situations that could have been prevented. My career is littered with sheepish apologies that could have been avoided. I am still learning to replace judging with learning.

​When confronted with conflict begin by ASSUMING GOOD INTENTIONS. The story you will create will be one of curiosity which will prevent the downward spiral. It replaces the need to judge with the motivation to learn and discover. You will turn off the urge to confront and turn on the need to explore without confrontation.

Never get pulled into the blame game. Focus on each person’s contribution to the conflict and then begin to untangle what can be done differently in the future.