Discover Your Greatness Within Comes to London Ontario

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Discover Your Greatness Within London

Discover Your Greatness Within

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Discover Your Greatness Within is a new program, designed and delivered by professional coaches.  It provides a comprehensive framework to help participants create and connect to the experience their soul has been whispering about.  We’ve met so many people that are feeling unfulfilled professionally or personally and so we created Discover Your Greatness Within to provide a comprehensive framework to help others get excited about their lives, and the future.  Whether you are currently working with a professional coach or are looking for a shared experience in a safe, caring and collaborate environment Discover Your Greatness is right for you.

Conflict & Conversation

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One of the characteristics of a high performing team is the ability for team members to successfully navigate conflict by having “real” conversations.  As I work with teams, I’m struck by the number of important conversations that never take place because of individual discomfort or a cultural assumption that everyone will agree.  Unresolved conflict seldom goes away, it simmers like an unmonitored volcano, eventually erupting and leaving casualties and a path of destruction that can be impossible to repair.  Proactive teams expect conflict (fueled by creative passion and different perspectives) and proactively negotiate how it should be expressed and resolved.

Conflict is easier to navigate when the conversation is expressed through the lens of courage and compassion.   Team members can operate authentically and everyone can function with an understanding that all views have been expressed.  Successfully navigated conflict will result in more creative solutions, authenticity, and overall higher engagement.


Values Are Everywhere

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Irritated?  Frustrated?  Disappointed?  When negative feelings are present it’s a sign one of our core values is being stepped on by another person or the universe.  Asking “What important value of mine is being challenged?” can provide clarity about what’s really happening.

The universe likes to strengthen our character by giving our values a workout.  It’s like cardio day at the gym – it never feels good in the moment but there are long term benefits.  If another person is the source of the anxiety, ask “What value are they acting in alignment with and where would I rank that value in my own hierarchy?”  Of course we prefer to act in alignment with our own core values because when we UNCONSCIOUSLY act out of alignment it creates tension, anxiety, and discourse.   It’s uncomfortable — like a pair of jeans that don’t fit well.

Sometimes, and for good reason, it’s more important to honor someone else’s value to maintain the relationship.  It’s a balancing act; navigating the need to honor our values while respecting the values of others.  Reminding ourselves WE ALWAYS HAVE A CHOICE helps ease the pain.

 The long term benefits of making conscious choices, aligned with the values most important to us, strengthens our character.  It allows us to show up authentically, without regret, and brings feelings of comfort and increased confidence.

Reinventing Performance Management

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Join us at the Inaugural

Reinventing Performance Management Conference

November 25th and 26th, Toronto

Performance Management Conference


University of Toronto LIVE Mentor Program

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Congratulations to all the organizers of the University of Toronto’s 2014 Live Competition

It was a great success and Made to Measure is pleased to provide mentoring to one of the talented students.

U of T Mentorship Program