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The coaching process is anchored in a collaborative relationship between the client and coach that helps the client navigate the process of clarifying, pursuing, and achieving their goals.

We help clients become the CEO of their life.  Work and life can be overwhelming!  Professional coaching unravels the mystery when pieces aren’t fitting together easily.  The coaching process leads to greater satisfaction, fulfillment, and overall personal and professional well-being.  How would your life be different if you were less overwhelmed and able to bring harmony to all aspects of your life?

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The International Coaching Federation regularly surveys clients to measure the benefits of professional coaching.  Leaders, Teams, and Organizations experience dramatic improvements in many aspects of their lives because coaching supports the whole individual, not just the presenting problem.Coaching Stats copy

Made to Measure’s niche areas include life fulfillment, career management, leadership, motivation, and relationships.

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fulfillmentLacking a sense of purpose, satisfaction and direction?

Overwhelmed by stress, anxiety, or fatigue?

Desiring mindfulness and more thoughtful living?

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careerWanting a more satisfying work experience?

Needing to enhance personal or team effectiveness?

Downsized?  Struggling with career advancement?

Transitioning to a new position, or company?

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Plagued by self-limiting beliefs or behaviors?

Overwhelmed and struggling to achieve lasting change?

Unable to achieve your important goals?

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relationshipsStruggling to build meaningful connections?

Challenged by personal or professional relationships?

Having difficulty establishing healthy boundaries?

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If you answered YES to any one of the above questions, coaching will benefit you, your team, and organization.

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To learn how coaching is distinct from other Helping Professions

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Brian Martin, is a certified leadership and life coach.  He holds ACC_WEBthe International Coaching Federation’s ACC designation and  has been transforming leaders, teams and organizations for two decades.  He recently expanded his practice to include those seeking deeper meaning in their lives.

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